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Rainbow Party: The Missing iTunes Micro-Playlist

January 26, 2012

The collection of 1’s and 0’s that consist of my iTunes library are among my most prized possessions. It’s all about the playlists, but even more important is the song order within a playlist. A well designed song order within a playlist blends each song with the next and builds smoothly into a crescendo- none of that disorganized randomness. It’s amazing how the same set of songs will sound different when they are played in a different order. [click on pics to enlarge]

Take a standard playlist; I’ll click the first song I want to hear, The Reward is Cheese.

Click the first song and start the playlist from the top

While the first song plays, I am always in the habit of highlighting the next song I want to hear. In this case I want to hear Vamp next, so I click Vamp- it becomes highlighted in blue.


But when the first song ends, iTunes will play the song directly below it NOT the blue song I selected. This is insanity.

I wanted Vamp not Angst!

You are cordially invited to The Rainbow Party!~ the solution to all of your song-ordering woes. It’s a playlist interface that allows iTunes users to make a micro-playlist with a couple clicks.

In a perfect world, I would hold ‘apple + r’ while clicking the song I wanted to hear after the song currently being played is over. Then my boring (and useless) blue highlighted song will turn into a brilliant shade of Red- signifying that song as next in queue. So here I held ‘apple + r’ and clicked Vamp. Now when The Reward is Cheese ends, Vamp will play.

RED selection

I continue holding ‘apple + r’ and choose the song to follow my Red selection- this is the Orange selection, the song that will play after Red.

After The Reward is Cheese; Vamp into Domino

The micro-playlist continues to build according to the colors of the Rainbow- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

Once the The Reward is Cheese ends (the now-playing song), Vamp (the Red song) will begin. When the Red song beings to play, the Rainbow shifts. The old Orange song turns Red (as it is next to be played), the previous Yellow song becomes Orange (as it will be played after Red) and so on.

Shift the Rainbow

Rainbow Micro-Playlist

Red Vamp

Orange Domino

Yellow The Monolith

       Green Lion King      

Blue Music Sounds Better With You

Indigo White Spirit

    Violet Angst

After Rainbow Shift

Red Domino

 Orange The Monolith

Yellow Lion King

Green Music Sounds Better With You

    Blue White Spirit

 Indigo Angst

Go Rainbows!


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